Tomorrow is here, and it’s looking pretty good with the help of Robotics Redefined’s Autonomous Guided Cart. With RRI’s AGC supplying your factory or assembly line you are on your way to new heights of productivity!

Robotics Redefined is setting the standard for industrial automation with our new autonomous guided cart. The RRI AGC has four powerful motors, independent suspension and omnidirectional wheels which allow it to navigate through the toughest terrain in guided environments.

The AGC has impressive carrying capacities. It moves rapidly without sacrificing safety. At the same time, it offers increased benefits of greater efficiency though shorter lead time, decreased warehouse storage, and shorter transit and sorting time. You can use RRI’s AGC as a standalone system or easily integrate it with other automation. It can be seamlessly integrated into both manufacturing and warehouse settings.

How Robotics-Redefined’s AGC can rock your world

Driven by 4 modular motor assemblies in each wheel which increases electrical efficiency and decreases maintenance
Runs for up to eight hours at a time on one charge. Uses next generation batteries originally developed for NASA to supply power
Uses proprietary real-time positioning algorithms like an indoor GPS for your AGC
Provides better reaction times and improved accuracy
Offers full, agile movement vectoring in any direction
Supported by Robotics-Redefined mechanical and software systems
Provides intuitive user programming through an on-board touchscreen which removes the need for a laptop interface
Designed with a narrow and low-slung profile which fits easily under most payloads and transports them with stability and elegance
Our AGC is capable of moving up to 10,000lb of payload with a companion cart
Meets all OSHA safety standards

When we’re not working on the AGC, we have a number of other smaller projects to keep us busy. They’re here for you to see!


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